County Services

Services Needed/Question Relates to: Department to Contact


Absentee Voting Auditor
Annual Oversize/Overweight Permit Engineer
Annual Oversize Permit Engineer
ATV Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Birth Certificates Recorder
Boat Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Bridge Maintenance Engineer
Building Permits Zoning
Budget Information Auditor
Burning Permit Engineer
Business Property Tax Credit Assessor
Candidate Filing Auditor
Check Property Value Assessor
Cigarette License Auditor
Claims & Warrants Auditor
Community Health Needs Community Health
Condemnations Recorder
Counseling Mental Health Mental Health
Criminal Investigations Sheriff
Death Certificates Recorder
Deeds Recorder
Deer & Turkey Licenses Recorder
Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Tax Credit Assessor
Disaster Planning Emergency Management
Driver’s License Treasurer
Drainage Districts Auditor
Drainage Tile Repair Form Engineer
Driveway Entrance Permit Engineer
Driving Record Sheriff
Easements Recorder
Elections Auditor
Emergency Operations Plan Emergency Management
Environmental Education Conservation
Family Farm Tax Credit Assessor
Federal & State Tax Liens Recorder
Fingerprint Cards Sheriff
Forest & Fruit Tree Exemption Assessor


 Genealogy Research Recorder
 Gun Permit Sheriff
 Habitat, Duck and Trout Stamps Recorder
 Hazardous/Solid Waste Zoning/Solid Waste
 Homeland Security Emergency Management
 Hunting, Fishing & Fur Harvester Licenses Recorder
Homestead Tax Credit Assessor
 Immunizations Community Health
 Jail Sheriff
 Landowner/Tenant Gun & Archery Permits Recorder
 License Plates Treasurer
 Liquor License Auditor


 Manure Management Plan Auditor
 Maps of Palo Alto County Engineer
 Marriage Certificates Recorder
 Marriage-Application to Marry Recorder
 Mental Illness Services Mental Health
 Military Service Records Recorder
Military Service Tax Credit Assessor
Moving Permit Policy Engineer
 Narcotics Investigations Sheriff
 ORV/ORM Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
Overhead Electric Line Permit Engineer
Parks and Trails Conservation
Passport Applications Recorder
Plats & Surveys Recorder
Polling Places Auditor
Pollution Control Tax Exemption Assessor
Property Taxes Treasurer
Property Valuations Assessor
Recreation Areas Conservation
Report a Crime Sheriff
Road Repairs & Maintenance Engineer


Septic Systems Environmental Health
Single Trip Permit Engineer
 Snowmobile Registrations/Titles/Liens Recorder
 Supervisors Districts Auditor
 Tax Sale Information Treasurer
Underground Utility Permit Engineer
 Vehicle Registration Treasurer
 Vehicle Title Treasurer
 Victim Assistance Attorney
 Voter Registration Auditor
Water Testing Environmental Health
Wells Environmental Health
 Witness Assistance Attorney
Work in ROW Form Engineer